Flight school BEMOAIR LTD. Nesvačily No. 0193 25751 Bystřice u Benešova CZECH REPUBLIC


Company Establishment and The Short History :

• Flight School with name BemoAir was established in 1990 as part of Bemoinvest Ltd • In 1991 was first private flight school in the CR, providing private pilot training on airplanes • Since 1993 is located flight school Bemoair in building and operating at their own hangars at the airport Benesov • In the year 1994 are starting CPL, IFR and MEP trainings also at the branch for Moravia, at the airport in Brno • From the same year in under the contractual relationship for IFR training used simulator ULT-28 • In the following year to we get permission CAA implementation of an integrated training CPL / IFR as L-1 • Since 2000, we provide trainings as FTO-002 in accordance with JAR-FCL1 incl. Integrated Training ATPL (A) • In 2003, there is Flight School Bemoair Ltd. and acts independently and separately from Bemoinvest Ltd. • Since 2006 contractual use of the IFR training simulator at the training center ATR-42/72 CSA • Since 2007 we are approved for exam English language proficiency in accordance ICAO • In October 2011 we passed internacional audit from EASA * Since 2014 we are approved as CZ/ATO-002 Flight School BEMOAIR Ltd. employs five permanent staff, of experienced instructors and few other instructors and teachers externally. In the service center there are two technicians, who perform maintenance and preparing for the operation of each aircraft. Instructors then can fully concentrate on pilot students in theoretical and practical training. Training IFR is done on airport Brno-Turany, where we have branch of the flight school. FNPT II training incl. MCC course is performed by contract with the company Fly for Fun on the device ULT-28 and with cooperation with CATC (Czech Airlines Training Center) on the simulator ATR-42/500. For teaching instrument flight procedures, can use a computers simulator Jeppesen FS200 on the airport Benešov.
Approved Training Organisation
LKBE +420 604 842 624
+420 311 230 763
LKTB +420 737 543 952
+420 545 216 372